21 June 2011

bufday boyz

With pleasure and with love
My heart is singing a song for you B and hoping a good future for you
May God bless you with all you want.
These are not only words.. its the voice of my heart
The wish, the hope,
May you have many more
B.. Thanks for all you do and made me proud of you.
On this special day of yours
I’m thinking of your happiness
Your success, your future.
B.. u know what.. You mean a lot to me,
And your love is enough for me.
May this day become happiest
Day of your life.
Happy Birthday My Daa Ben Dan
domo kek for my b. hope u like it~ ^^
pizza time~

B.. When I see you smiling...
I wish to keep you like this forever.
When I see you enjoying with me...
I wish to keep you happy forever. 

09 June 2011

only u.. Mr.s

Last night
when I was thinking about you,
I thought why I love you,
I thought why you are so important for me,
I thought why I care for you,
Then I listened a voice deep inside my heart,
it is all because you have given me so much love,
Thank you for your love Mr.S

04 June 2011

i'm give u my love~

I’m giving you my love,
For the harmony you bring into my life.
I’m giving you my love,
For the understanding of my needs,
and the many smiles you have,
brought to me.
I’m giving you my love,
for the joy you bring to my heart
and the many ways you make me feel.
I’m giving you my love,
For the comfort you bring me
and the many treasured times
we have shared.
I’m giving you my love,
For the way you are my friend
as well as the many ways you
express your love.
I’m giving you my love,
For the many ways that you’ve
allowed me to be a part of
your life…
I’m giving you my love.