14 October 2011

love in my heart

Last night..
When I was thinking about you,
I thought why I love you,
I thought why you are so important for me,
I thought why I care for u,
Then I listen a voice deep inside my heart,
It is all because you have given me so much love.

13 October 2011

3 day 2 night at MALACCA

Thanks for walking in my life,
Thanks for those moments u gave me hope and make me strong,
Thanks for being there for me always,
Thanks for spend ur time to celebrate my bufday,
Thanks for the choc cheese berry cake and pinky roses,
Thanks for being the best part of my life,

i Love u so much

 at zoo melacca

at butterfly farm

at menara taming sari

at portuguese settlement malacca

 seafood. yummyy~