30 July 2010

From the Bottom of My Broken Heart

i tried to smile even though im aching inside.

i tried to smile even trough my heart is breaking

i'm cryin inside and nobody knows it but me.

no 1 understands me anymore.. no 1 understands what i want.


I'm not supposed to love u..

l'm not supposed to care u..

l'm not supposed to live my life.. wishing u were there..

l'm not supposed to wonder where u are or what u do..

I'm sorry, i can't help myself..

coz i miss u so much..!! U know that mr.b..??

The only person i truly cared for left me with a broken heart..!

i'm so sorry.. i know u want me..
but right now i just want happy with my single life.
u are my best frends.. :)
i need u in my life..
n thankz for everything..
p/s : dunt hamsap with me ar fei po..!! HAHA~ XD

thanks for being my meimei
i know ur a nice girl
u always make me laugh la sapo. HAHA~
n dunt forget to teach jiejie bahasa cina n sabah ok. ^^
n 1 thing jangan selalu marah la.. nanti u akan cepat tua. HAHA~
u dengan shayne hanya salah faham..
i know u care her rite?
its gonna b ok..
trust me..

thanks for being my didi
miss the moment we chat in the msn..haha!!
thanks for caring me
no matter what jiejie always support u !
be ur self n go all the way , okays ?
dont give up. gives up is a loser.

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