20 September 2010

curl or straight..?

when u see at my picture.. what new hair style suits me best..?

i wanted to changed my look
seriously.. i'm in the middle of thinking should i just changed the overall look
curl or straight..?
i don't know..
anyway please vote ur favorite.
i want hear from u guys ya~

one day.. when i am 100% happy with myself and my new life
i would be sure
u'll be shock at what i turned out to be
i can live my life without u, a much better life
and once u want me back
i wont accept u
because the wound that u layed on me is now turned into a scar that cant be removed
i might cry like a child that lost her way now
but i know my tears would be dry soon
and i wont shed another tear for u
because i have just realized it is not worth it.

to my MR.S
thankz for everything
u always with me
when i sad and happy
i am ur xiao ben dan forever.

1 comment:

  1. curve bg lebih siket...
    rambut coklat x sesuai tok kak ida..
    rambut itam, comel..
    try la..
    mesti comel..hehe