28 February 2012

dear stalker

hye peeps~! what's up~?? 
Okay, in this post i am going to share some insights  that relates to one feeling which is 


dengki dari segi tidak senang hati melihat kegembiraan dan kelebihan orang lain.
dari perasaan dengki ni mulalah timbul perasaan yang busuk hati iaitu tidak suka, benci, meluat and rasa diri itu dicabar dan dari situ timbul perasaan tak puas hati kat orang tu. so korang pun mulalah nak memfitnah, membuat cerita, menokok tambah kan benda yang actually tak ada motif pun. lol~
secara tak sedar korang masih mengupdatekan diri korang (stalking) orang tu dari masa ke semasa. and semua tentang orang tu pun korang nak stalk, tak kira dari segi gambar, blog, facebook just to get know more about that person. right??
even if korang tak add orang tu or maybe korang block orang tu but you guys would find another alternative way to stalk such as mengunakan facebook fake, facebook on line shop or facebook orang lain. but honestly, for a person who has been through this..it just make me laugh. all i can say is PATHETIC!! and i pity her. you can pretend all you want but you can't fool me.
Any ways, here's another story, there's this someone talking bad thing about me.
i not do something wrong, nothing i want hide from u. i still accept when u add me at my facebook even i know who u are. u can lie other else but u can't lie me.
u say u not jealous but why u keep wanna know everything about my life?
if u want to know, 2 year ago.. u are totally out from my life. i don't want know or hear anything about u. even see your face also i don't want.
so no reason why i wanna copy u.
who u think u are? artis? sampai i nak copy everyting about u? oh plsss la. see your face first.
handfone that i using now actually my b suggest me to buy same handfone with him even i'm not really like samsung. but my b want me to try first n i agree. 
about rilakkuma seriously i dont know u also like it. i just know u like baby milo not rilakkuma. if u don't want other people using the thing same with u then u don't sell it la weii.. just  sell it to yourself. please don't think i'm too free wanna check what u like, who your lover, or what fone u using.
and one more thing, did i write 'i miss fucking u damn much'??
what i know laa kan.. that day i write 'i miss u fucking damn much'
hahaha~ if u wanna says i'm stupid better u check your eyes first. got problem i think. xP

i really love my b.. sam help me to stand up when i so down. always being there to accompany me. thanks for giving me a chance to find someone better than u. 
everyone make mistakes n i learn from it.
well.. just keep doing what u want, i just hope soon you'll realized that your just wasting your time. xD

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