05 May 2010

i need you...!

I only want one thing

To live in your arms forever

My heart beats when i think of you

My lips smiles whenever you come near me

I feel electricity over me when my hands touches you

It seems like i’m always dreaming

My eyes sparkles when you call my phone

When i hear your voice my head becomes dizzy

Tears appears in my eyes when you say goodbye

I think i look stupid now

Everyday, i wanna see that person

The only person i want to be with always

Hug me and tell me

And show me that he likes me too

Whenever we meet my shruggles

When we talk along the trail

Our hearts connected and our arms gets close to each other

This seems to be a happy dream

Everyday, i want to hold that person

The only person i want to kiss

Just don’t and promise me without fail

Our love to be everlasting

For the first time i’ll give my heart to you

Because i am meant to be with you

Cherish me like a percious treasure

That is why we’re meant to be

Just as i only love you

Just the only one in the world

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