10 September 2010

i still ❤ u..

I realized something... love does'nt exist... yah..
it doesnt... but what is this feeling i feel inside?
why does it hurts every time i see the person i assume i love happy with another girl?
why do i feel hate towards her?
is it because his not with me?
is it because he cheated me?
If love does exist.. then i would say i love her...
yes.. i love her.. yes ieda.. u love her... but i guess its not enough...
she doesnt see it.. what can i do to get her back?
can i take another beating to the ground?
can i take feeling heartbroken after her broke my heart twice?
i want she back..ouh god..i really do want she back to me again..
i'll do anything... but face the fact ieda... her wont come back...
she happy with "her"....hmmmm.....
anyway... i felt like dying after seeing their pictures and cmmts..
yes i am a stalker.. but i only stalk people who matters to me...
and seriously it hurts more?
why do i like to find pain?
why cant i just give up and move on?
....well..its just because i cant....so yah...
it hurts..
its killing me......
i love she eventho i know its wrong..
im not supposed too...

I HATE MYSELF ..!!!!!!

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